WHAT IS Repmo ?

Work is moving out of the traditional workstation and we are quickly morphing into a mobile workforce. Supporting the diverse needs of such a highly mobile workforce has become a strategic business priority.

"Repmo" , a location-aware mapping application, aids the employers to direct their efforts towards aligning workforce and raising engagement levels in order to optimise profitability. The workforce from Sales, Marketing or Field services can use their smartphones seamlessly to access business information held on back-end databases at their parent organization. Decision-making is instantaneous, dynamic and informed, with 24x7 remote access to information and data-exchange over network in real time through mobile computing devices.

Repmo is a location-aware application, developed by Luckey GPS Location Apps Private Limited.. Our application together with the Powerful Mobile Networks (2G and 3G) combined with precision oriented GPS technologies delivers superior productivity, improved resource utilization while minimizing costs and risks. Our Mobile Work force Management application is available on Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry and iPhone platform and its scalable architecture allows for integration with an organization’s existing back office applications.

For more information about us, please contact us Repmo@itoolz.in

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> Reduction in Costs
> Increased revenues
> Improved productivity and ROI
> Increase in Customer satisfaction
> Improved workforce flexibility
> Efficient mobile team management
> Increased visibility into field activities
> Sustainability