For every business, marketing plays a key role and your organization is no exception on that front. The sales force/PROs have to be on the move from place to place, to capture the business data, thereby helping the business to grow manifold. Naturally, the management of the organization would be worried about the movements of such staff and hence gets purplexed, not knowing what to do in order to keep track of what is going on and also how to deal with the latency in getting business data reports from their sales force. The Administration has a routine head-ache on this account and the Management finds itself always in a dilemma.

With this back drop, Luckey provides a no-where-else application called Repmo which can track your sales Executives/PROs who work in the field and enable them to submit the business data from the field itself, by using mobile phones at a minimal cost.


1. Installation : Install Repmo client application on smartphones of your sales/fieldforce.
2. Usage : your sales/field force can start sending the customer data using the Repmo client application on their samrt phones.
3. Reports : Managers can view/track location based data and business data using Repmo web applications.
4. Email : The unique report engine of Repmo will send custom reports to the designated emails on the same day or the next day.

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What is required?

> An Android Smart Phone
> GPS Chipset
> GPRS Connection
> A Valid GSM Connection
> A Computer with Internet connection
> Registration with Repmo