Our flagship product/framework mForce is the real structure behind every product built by us. Its complex workflow and easy to use API helps us to build indutry standard products in a quick turnaround time.

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iSurvey++ is a mobile driven app that can be customised in less than 3days time for any of your survey purposes. The web layer of iSurvey is implemented with rich analytics and reports for quick results. Works on all Android Phones.

an efficient mobile survey application developed using (ESRI) ArcGIS for Android SDK and mapped with a web application by implementing a complete workflow (mForce). This product with a 3-tier architechture would help to companies who would like to go for a virgin survey of Utilities/Communication realted features. It also helps to edit the exiting GIS (Both Spatial and Non Spatial) data. The product can be used in both online\offline modes.

To know more about our products powered by mForce email us on or call +919949999718